Launches, Legends and a Distinct Lack of Actual Writing.

Blimey, the last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy!

First off I had my launch which was also the opening event for the Dundee Literary Festival. It was so amazingly gratifying to finally have the book in my hand (although I had to borrow my sister’s copy to read from as my copies hadn’t arrived!) and have a captive audience there to lsiten to it. There was a great turn out and the stock that Waterstone’s Dundee had in actually sold out. Nice feeling. The feedback from people has been great so far, but I’m still waiting to see an “official” review.

Then we were into the Literary Festival which saw many fabulous literary stars appear in Dundee. Highlights for me were definitely hearing Bernard MacLaverty and Colm Toibin read and meeting Iain Banks (I couldn’t go in to his event, but he held my taxi door open for me afterwards and I got a bit starry eyed, I mean, come on, The Wasp Factory!!!). All three were so friendly and enthusiastic and the readings I heard were amazing. I’ve taught several stories by Bernard MacLaverty in schools and it was lovely to hear him read. Colm Toibin was a gem as well and his talk was far ranging and clever, but funny too. All of them are real literary heavyweights (horrible term) and it was an absolute pleasure to meet them as I’m just starting out on my writing career.

In the middle of the Dundee Festival I popped down to Edinburgh to read at an event at the Wordpower Radical Book Festival with Kirsty Gunn. Kirsty spoke about new ways of reading and I read a bit (but not in an innovative way) and we answered a few questions and I was doing something that real writers do. I was actually sitting up there, reading from my actual book, people were listening enough to ask pertinent questions and I was able to answer them. Totally satisfying.

Then I came home and did some washing and real life resumed. As it does. And I’m still sending out book related emails, setting up events and thinking of ways to get my book out in the world as well as looking after the children, earning money in a variety of part time jobs, thinking of ways to bring down the  patriarchy, reading as many books as I can manage etc. etc.

So for now, I’m going to make some tea and think about maybe trying to write something.


Or alternatively, I may lay my head down on the table and just have a quick nap.


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